COMENIUS Multilateral

"We are all citizens of one world."

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The Comenius Programme is named after Jan Amos Comenius (1592-1670), often considered the father of modern education. Comenius is aimed at schools, colleges and local authorities across Europe.

Comenius has two main objectives:

  • to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and education staff of the diversity of European cultures and languages, and the value of this diversity.
  • to help young people to acquire basic life skills and competences for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship.

Comenius is so popular because it not only encourages a deeper engagement with the rest of Europe; it also brings benefits that are felt much closer to home.



  • Improves the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Makes the curriculum more exciting and relevant.
  • Provides a practical and lively context for learning.
  • Motivates pupils, including those who are hard to engage.
  • Builds life skills, which will help with future employment.
  • Allows different classes and age groups to work together.
  • Encourages children to learn foreign languages.
  • Improves ICT skills